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Hello, world.
In April of 2013 graduated from Booth University College in Winnipeg, Manitoba, with a Bachelors Degree in Behavioural Sciences (Sociology and Psychology).  In June of 2013, I traveled to rural Zimbabwe to live and work for a 6 month period.   As of September 2014, I will be working towards my Master’s Degree in Sociology with a specialization in Women’s Studies in Northern Ontario.
I like parks, and bengal spice (or peppermint) tea.  Teddy Bears make me smile, because they always love you, even when you probably don’t deserve it.
I plan on having an area in the house that I live in, where there will be pillows and blankets and Christmas-y lights, and books and speakers.  A “being room”.
I am obsessed with words, and the way that they are used.  Maya Angelou, Cornel West, Jamie Tworkowski, Dorothy Day, and Renee Yohe are some favorites.
I dream of a great love.  Not a perfect love, but a great love.
Jesus Christ and I are pals.  I tend to say that our relationship began in May of 2011, during a trip to Zimbabwe, but I know that 2011 is just when I accepted Him into my life; He wanted to know me all along.
I believe that world would be a better place if women had more power.
I want to spend my life loving everybody I meet.  Especially those who society has made feel unworthy of love and of being in the past.
Team building and “get-to-know-you” games make me happy.
“Hope” is one of the most important concepts that I’ve ever come across.  “Salvation” is a close second.

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  1. Claudio Chiarot September 11, 2013Reply

    In a nutshell your self-biography suits you. You have a heart of gold Sherrie, you always had. I’m extremely happy and very proud of the path you have chosen in life. Follow your heart for your future goals and endeavors.

    May God Bless You

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