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I can hold my breath I can bite my tongue I can stay awake for days If that’s what you want Be your number one I can fake a smile I can force a laugh I can dance and play the part If that’s what you ask Give you all I am I can do..

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Today is SlutWalk Toronto. I’m not there for a whole hoax of reasons, but some day I will be. I found myself thinking of the speech I gave at SlutWalk Winnipeg in 2012. There is so much more that I wish I could have said back then, and even more that I’d add to it..

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It’s Canada Day. I’ve seen a thousand people write “Happy Canada Day” and post pictures of Canadian Flags. But I’ve found myself thinking about where I was last Canada Day. I was in Zimbabwe. Specifically,  we were driving back to Nkayi from a weekend in Bulawayo. I remember children STILL walking home from school, likely..

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I sometimes feel as though I drive people in my life absolutely insane with the amount of attention that I pay to specific word usage. I may have said in a previous piece, but typically when I’m involved in a conversation, I am paying attention to two things: “what is the meaning of what is..

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A short (yet informative) article that explains a few of the problems with “rape jokes”. “These jokes also affect the rapists themselves. Research confirms that rapists are more likely to think that what they did “wasn’t really rape.” In a chilling study conducted in 2009 by David Lesak and Paul M. Miller, male college students..

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So, I was kind of grumpy today because I worked 9.5 hours. I came home with a sore back and was hungry and thirsty and knew I had to shower and do laundry still. And just in the midst of my grumpiness, I saw the date and realized that one year ago, I was awake..

On May 22nd, 2011, I sat in a church in Zimbabwe and became a Christian. And then on May 22nd, 2013, I found out that I was accepted to the World Vision CIDA Internship posting in Zimbabwe.   I’ve been missing Zimbabwe a lot since I got home. Some days, I wouldn’t trade the luxuries..

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Name: Stacey Noel Ingram How I know/heard about them: I went to school with Stacey for a year, but didn’t really get to know her until after, when she had already graduated from Booth. We chatted on FaceBook for a while, and then ended up going and having “coffee”, and our friendship grew from there…

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It makes me sad when people use hurtful words to begin with. When they’re used out of context, it hurts more. When they’re used out of context so much that people forget that they’re hurtful in the first place, or worse yet, are completely ignorant as to what they’re actually saying – that’s a problem…

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      A comment someone made on here was interesting to me. “how about ‘guys have to stop calling girls sluts and whores.  It just makes it ok for you to call each other sluts and whores.’  how about that, instead of placing the blame on the victims of patriarchy.  I mean she’s absolutely..