It’s always a frustrating day when I find a news article about “everyday folk” making ignorant comments about sexual assault.  It’s an even more frustrating day when the ignorance is coming from the very people who are supposed to protect victims – judges, police, lawyers, doctors, etc.  So it’s no shocker that this morning when..

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“I do my thing and you do your thing.  You are you, and I am I.  And if we end up together, it’s beautiful.” – Topanga Lawrence: Boy Meets World

Posted in : feminism on by : Sherrie-Lee Chiarot , freemiumfreemiumfreemium Comments: 0 This is so flippin’ bizarre. It is sexist on so many levels. Not only is it wrong to make the statement that women want men who earn more, but it’s ALSO sexist to declare that men need to make more than their partner. And to state that all women care about in the work..

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In September of 2012, I made a speech at SlutWalk Winnipeg. The speech was about a lot of things, not least of all my experiences with victim-blaming. I spoke about hot the perpetrator blamed me (because my “body language was asking for it”). I spoke about how law enforcement blamed me (because “my social media..

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So much has been made about the recent decisions by World Vision US.  Last week, an announcement was made that World Vision US had made a policy change that would deem homosexual folks “hireable” by the US branch of the organization.  Two days after, however, President Richard Stearns reversed the decision. The first, and perhaps..

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I’ve been listening to a song on repeat for a little bit now. “Comes and Goes in Waves” by Greg Laswell. Actually, I’ve been listening to it and watching it. I like words, and am endlessly fascinated by how they are used. A friend asked me recently how my interest in words plays into the..

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During these events, it is easy to forget that as viewers, we know NOTHING about the people that we are seeing on our televisions. To see people say they “hate” an actress because of soundbites we have collected, or that they are “ugly”, or that “that dress makes her look fat”… it is shameful. Who..

When I saw that there was an art exhibit at the Winnipeg Art Gallery on Women, Violence and Art, titled “Off the Beaten Path” I knew I wanted to go.  I intentionally altered my schedule in Winnipeg so that I could attend the exhibit on opening day (and because there was a World Vision event..

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In recent years, I have felt a little bit conflicted about how I feel with regards to sports. I struggle to be okay with Evander Kane making a salary of 4.5 million dollars for playing hockey  in a city where less than five minutes from the arena, homeless people are dying because the city turns..

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I was really excited for the new Switchfoot album to be released. I was excited because Switchfoot has provided so many songs that I just love. Songs that resonate with me on levels. Levels of happy and sad, heavy and light, fear and courage, and hope. Something to know about me is that I have..