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I wrote this a couple of days ago, and have held off on posting it, because I feel like it’s not finished.  I feel like there is more to write.  But perhaps the reason for that, is because I’m not finished.  Here is what I have so far; perhaps more will be added over time…

This is from a Skype conversation that I had with somebody.  I figured I would share it on my blog.  It’s about some of the bumps I’ve been experiencing, and how some of my Canadian tendancies have been causing my grief.  It’s about how a book I’ve just finished reading has helped me to understand..

I have completed my training with the Center for Intercultural Learning. It was challenging, but reassuring. I was one of just a few in the room who didn’t have an International Development background, either due to experience or undergraduate studies, so I was pretty intimidated. But it was re assuring that I understood most of..

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A feel compelled to write this blog right now.I’ve felt compelled to say something on the topic for a while, but I’ve never sat down and done it.  Until now. So many people I know, and a billion others, uses the term “rape” out of context.“So to do a temp. log, you stick the thing..

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