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I don’t have any TOMS, but I’ve heard people talk about the brand.  I’ve heard that the shoes are incredibly comfortable, and I’ve always thought that they were good in the sense that they can be casual or dressy. While in Zimbabwe, I had a conversation with someone who disliked them because of how the..

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A video was recently posted to YouTube by World Vision Canada about Nkayi. I had no part in making this video. But I have seen some of the places that are shown in this video.  I have probably waved or said “hi” to some of these children. People may have seen me post statuses to..

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Being sick is never fun.  Nobody likes to feel ill. What is worse than being sick, is being sick and in a foreign country, away from family, friends, and chicken noodle soup. As some people know, I have been sick almost since arriving here in June. I’ve been told it’s a sinus infection, and I’ve..

In one of his popular TedTalk videos, Sir Kenneth Robinson proposes an idea: education systems nurture, rather than undermine creativity. “One, [intelligence] is diverse. We think about the world in all the ways that we experience it. We think visually, we think in sound, we think kinesthetically. We think in abstract terms, we think in movement. Secondly, intelligence is..

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When I was getting ready to come to Zimbabwe two years ago, I went to the Travel Health Clinic in Winnipeg, and they spent a pretty significant amount of time telling me about malaria; what it is, the signs and symptoms, how you prevent it, and so forth.  I got that same speech when I..

I walk everywhere.  For the most part, I don’t rollerblade or ride a bike, and I don’t love driving.  I’m a walker.  For me, walking is more relaxing.  Walking allows me to observe my surroundings.  It allows me to read posters on windows and change my mind about where I’m going on a whim.  I..

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Salibonani, friends. I haven’t written a blog in a little bit, so I figured I would write about what I have been up to. Last week, I spent two days teaching people basic ICT skills. I was a little confused by the term “basic”.  While my brother (who has built a career doing IT work)..

This is from a Skype conversation that I had with somebody.  I figured I would share it on my blog.  It’s about some of the bumps I’ve been experiencing, and how some of my Canadian tendancies have been causing my grief.  It’s about how a book I’ve just finished reading has helped me to understand..

I have completed my training with the Center for Intercultural Learning. It was challenging, but reassuring. I was one of just a few in the room who didn’t have an International Development background, either due to experience or undergraduate studies, so I was pretty intimidated. But it was re assuring that I understood most of..