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Name: Dr. Sherrie Steiner How I know/heard about them: I met Dr. Steiner in the summer of 2009.  I had not done very well in the first year of my undergraduate degree, and was thinking that Social Work was maybe not where I was supposed to be.  In less than 10 minutes of talking to her, I..

In one of his popular TedTalk videos, Sir Kenneth Robinson proposes an idea: education systems nurture, rather than undermine creativity. “One, [intelligence] is diverse. We think about the world in all the ways that we experience it. We think visually, we think in sound, we think kinesthetically. We think in abstract terms, we think in movement. Secondly, intelligence is..

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When I was getting ready to come to Zimbabwe two years ago, I went to the Travel Health Clinic in Winnipeg, and they spent a pretty significant amount of time telling me about malaria; what it is, the signs and symptoms, how you prevent it, and so forth.  I got that same speech when I..

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A feel compelled to write this blog right now.I’ve felt compelled to say something on the topic for a while, but I’ve never sat down and done it.  Until now. So many people I know, and a billion others, uses the term “rape” out of context.“So to do a temp. log, you stick the thing..