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“I don’t think being post-racial is a worthy ideal. . . I think we should be fully comfortable with seeing somebody of a different ethnicity, and recognizing that they are. The problem comes when we make irrational assumptions after we notice that. . . Forget race, and look at gender. I don’t think most women..

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A friend recently posted an article titled “Modesty, Beauty and Men.  What Should We Care?”. Here are some of my thoughts on the article: Unfortunately, I find this article really problematic in a lot of ways. I think it’s definitely a very conservative article that leaves out (what most people now accept as fact) that..

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Dear Mr. Kevin O’Leary, I understand that you won’t receive any money for taking a couple of minutes out of your life to read this letter.  I wish I could say that I am apologetic for wasting your time, but I am not.  I am sorry, however, for your recent comment that 3.5 billion people..

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Salibonani.  Ngiyathaba Ukukwazi! That means: Hello, how are you?, Pleased to meet you! I know there are people starting to read this blog who haven’t been journeying with me from the beginning.  I’m glad you’re joining me. Yesterday was an exciting day.  I’ve been struggling with feeling like I haven’t been doing anything, or seeing..

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An e-mail came my way saying the following: “Hi there. I am a teacher at ______________ and I co-teach a group of grade ____ students. Today a discussion arose today regarding Amanda Todd and her “responsibility” for the bullying that she experienced. Interestingly (sadly), several of the girls in the class feel that Amanda Todd..

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