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Sometimes I feel like I am basically a walking contraction. I thrive off of teamwork and being around other people, but I am an introvert that experiences social anxiety regularly in large-group situations. I love being awake early and feel more accomplished when my day runs from 7am-10pm, but I do my “best thinking” in..

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Critique of “Why I Hate Religion but Love Jesus”              “Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus” is a piece by spoken word artist Jeffrey Bethke.  The controversial YouTube video recently went viral.  In the video, Bethke talks about religion being man-made, whereas Jesus is the work of God.  He states..

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I went to a Catholic church on Saturday night, to do some field notes for my Sociology of Religion class.And before I went, I was totally just…not wanting to.  I just thought that it would be so awful, and uncomfortable, and miserable.  And I got there.  And it was uncomfortable, and miserable.But as mass went..