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I wrote this a couple of days ago, and have held off on posting it, because I feel like it’s not finished.  I feel like there is more to write.  But perhaps the reason for that, is because I’m not finished.  Here is what I have so far; perhaps more will be added over time…

Somebody tried to sell me a banana the other day for a dollar. Notice that I said “a”. “A” banana. One banana, for one dollar. I said “no thanks”, and carried on. And I hadn’t thought much of it until just now. In Canada, you can get a good bundle of about five bananas for..

Salibonani! Ibizo lami ngingu Sherrie, isibongo sami ngingu Chiarot. That means:  How are you?  My name is Sherrie, my surname is Chiarot. This is the traditional Ndebele greeting. My name is Sherrie-Lee Chiarot, and I have just started a contract position with World Vision; a description of the project that I am working on will..

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Africa: Beautiful,God-Fearing,Loyal,Community,Love,Children,Animals,Hard working,Church. I miss Africa.I miss waking up to that damn rooster, and the animals that walk around freely everywhere; it’s as much their home as anybody elses.I miss being close to the stars.I miss the community that I will never know in Canada.I miss the care that everybody has for their neighbors.I miss..

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