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      A comment someone made on here was interesting to me. “how about ‘guys have to stop calling girls sluts and whores.  It just makes it ok for you to call each other sluts and whores.’  how about that, instead of placing the blame on the victims of patriarchy.  I mean she’s absolutely..

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I’ve been listening to a song on repeat for a little bit now. “Comes and Goes in Waves” by Greg Laswell. Actually, I’ve been listening to it and watching it. I like words, and am endlessly fascinated by how they are used. A friend asked me recently how my interest in words plays into the..

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Name: Kevin Breel How I know/heard about them: The first time I heard about Kevin Breel was with thanks to this Upworthy article.  I saw that it would be a TedTalk on Metal Health, and was a mixture of “here we go again, another person who is going to pour out statistics on mental health..

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“These girls experience rape that people here can’t even imagine.” When I was in Toronto preparing to come to Zimbabwe, I was walking to Subway for dinner and somebody said this to me. They were standing outside and looking to raise money for an NGO that deals largely with issues that young women face in..

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I’ve been asked a handful of times what the hardest part about being here has been, and I’ve given a few different answers. -There is a difference in the way time is valued, and as such, I’ve ended up sitting and waiting around for two hours. -I miss my family. -I don’t like using blair..

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http://www.twloha.com/blog/story-rearview-memories-1/ I just wondered… I don’t think that he was determined to die.  I’ve wondered multiple times if those were more like, calls for help.  Like, “God, I’m really serious about this.  I’m not going to be able to stand this much longer.” Something that people often say, about people who attempt suicide, or cut..

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Music has always meant a lot to me.  I’m sure that’s the same for everybody.This year, in particular, I have found myself not just wanting to listen to music, but NEEDING to listen.I usually to a “soundtrack” blog once a year, but I really need to do one now. Breakthrough: Tommy Walker.-Not a Home: Northcote-God..

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“For the week of Thanksgiving, tell us what you are most grateful for—but do it creatively. We want to see handwritten lists of the top 5 things you are thankful for in your life. They can be as simple or as elaborate as you’d like. Just take a photo of the list you created and..

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Words are important.I believe that.Sung words, screamed words, written words, whispered words.Words depicted by body language, and smiles, and tears.I love words.And sometimes, words are strung together so perfectly…So fucking perfectly…That they turn into so much more than words.They turn into stories of the heart.Depictions of dreams. “Defiance” is a spoken word piece, written by..

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